The following distribution provides MSM spherical transformations to resample labels and fields between the BigBrain surface to/from 3 other major reference surfaces: FreeSurfer's fsaverage, Human Connectome Project's (HCP) fs_LR, and CIVET's MNI152. The required files and some examples are provided here to illustrate how to use these transformations. Instructions are detailed to guide you through the conversion, mapping, and visualization steps. Using these examples, you should be able to resample any set of labels or field of your choosing (.annot, .label.gii, .shape.gii, .txt) between the BigBrain surface to/from the fsavg, fs_LR, and CIVET MNI152 surface templates. These transformations will also be included in the BigBrainWarp Project, a toolbox which aims to enable integration of BigBrain with neuroimaging and other neurobiological modalities.

You will need to install the following tools:


HCP workbench


You do not need to install MSM, but it was used to produce the transformation spheres provided in this release.

Note: The brain-view surface viewer is part of the MNI CIVET tools and is difficult to install. You may alternately use BrainBrowser for visualizing .obj and .txt.


Lewis, L.B., Lepage, C.Y., Glasser, M.F., Coalson, T.S., Van Essen, D.C., and A.C. Evans: OHBM 2020 poster

Slides for BigBrain Workshop Talk